Renovation of the Health Center

Everyone deserves access to medical care and consultations under proper conditions. For both patients and medical staff, the Ahouati association is committed to improving patient intake, health, and safety conditions in the village’s medical center.

The contributions of the association

To expand and renovate the health center in Ahouati involves improvements on several levels:

  • Setting up a drinking water supply through a pipeline.
  • The creation of sanitary facilities.
  • The installation of a medical room dedicated to pre-natal and post-natal care.
  • The installation of a storage room for medical supplies, and an on-call room for the medical staff.
  • The equipment and furniture of the health center.
  • The creation of a fence around the health center to ensure the safety of all.

The water supply of the health center

Access to potable water is essential to the proper functioning of the health center. The installation of a water supply system, which is essential, is progressing well.

Shortly, Ahouati’s health center, its health care professionals, patients, and more broadly the villagers, will all be reassured.

Are you interested in this project and our commitment? Would you like to donate? You can reach us via the online contact form.