Since forests are still the best solution for preserving the climate and biodiversity, the Ahouati association participates in the reforestation of overexploited and abused areas. This initiative relies on the assistance of concerned villagers who are affected by the destruction of their environment. Specifically, we bring together local volunteers by training them on organic farming to achieve the project’s multiple environmental and economic benefits. Discover the practical solutions we bring to the urgency of climate change and the erosion of local biodiversity.

Let’s protect the forests!

Our reforestation projects were born out of an alarming observation: the world’s natural resources are being depleted, and forests are among the areas that are constantly being overexploited. As they disappear, endangered wildlife is left behind, as well as local communities deprived of a precious economic resource.

This is where we come in! Our development approach aims to create agroforestry crops where possible. Since the creation of the association, we have planted thousands of trees and plants, mainly endemic species, and varieties.

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Would you like to finance a project?

Our missions are backed by donations from individuals and companies that have chosen to act in a selfless manner. Our partnership agreements are therefore open to all forms of participation and volunteering.

Do you like our objectives? Do you share the same commitments? Would you like to participate in their development? Do you wish to participate by donating, for example?

It couldn’t be easier: contact us, either by phone or via the online contact form.