Current projects

The Nonprofit Association is committed to :

The construction of a middle school

  • A middle school that will accommodate 240 students upon its completion.
  • This project requires additional equipment such as
  • Water supply through the installation of a water tower.
  • The construction of a faculty room.
  • The installation of toilets and sports equipment.
  • The supply of blackboards, desks, and chairs.

Expansion and renovation of the health clini

Expansion and renovation of the health clinic to improve patient intake, sanitary and safety conditions for the staff and patients. The following are therefore planned:

  • The supply of drinking water.
  • The installation of toilets, showers, and an incineration pit.
  • The creation of a prenatal consultation room, a maternity suite, and a treatment room.
  • The construction of a storage room and an on-call room for health care workers.
  • The equipment and furniture of the clinic.
  • The installation of a fence to ensure security.

The construction of a new water tower

This will provide water access to all the facilities in the village (Health Clinic, Middle School, houses ….)