Our commitments

The demographic explosion, globalization and the development of wealthy countries have contributed to great inequalities and profound disturbances. Many populations are suffering the consequences.

It is one thing to speak about it, acting on it is another. Taking action is a necessity!

This is why the nonprofit association, has decided to act, with your help, towards a harmonious, balanced development adapted to the local situation.

Our commitments

  • Identify priorities that factor in the local situations.
  • Involving the local population in the projects that will be implemented.
  • Raise the necessary funds for their realization.

Defining our priorities.

  • Ensure water supply to the village and its public facilities, including the Medical Clinic and schools.
  • Facilitate access to healthcare in safe and sanitary conditions.
  • Provide high-quality, public education for the children on suitable premises.
  • Bridge isolation by improving and developing the infrastructure of the area.
  • Develop the local agricultural economy and its facilities to assist local farmers in marketing their products
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Join us!

Want to share your passion for solidarity, mutual support and sharing? Do you want to be a core participant of our commitment? Then join us!