Construction of The Ahouati Village Middle School

Worldwide, there are obstacles to the provision of education. Millions of children live in situations of conflict, poverty, or crisis. Whether it is a lack of equipment or a lack of adapted infrastructures, the Ahouati association aspires to change this situation by providing a sustainable and accessible education. After all, children are our future. Access to opportunities, various trainings, cultivation of the land, monitoring, and support… Discover our different projects!

The progress of the work

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Effective solutions for the long term

Ahouati association collaborates with the local population and communities to build schools and train teachers and children for the long term.

Since the creation of the Ahouati association in 2022, we are currently building a 6-classroom middle school with 2 technology rooms. To improve the quality of education and schools, we go to the source of the problem: the lack of appropriate facilities. Therefore, we aim to establish quality classrooms to decrease either overcrowding in existing schools or to reduce the lack of school supplies.


The right to education for all children

In addition to being a fundamental right, education remains the key to sustainable economic and social development. Through our actions, thousands of students will be able to overcome poverty by mastering the basics of their education and training. We hope to offer these students the tools for emancipation and independence.

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